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Howdy there.  If you are reading this page, then maybe you are interested in my blog for some reason.  I’m a musician and music lover and nerd, and this blog is about all of those things.  So basically, if you are enthralled by someone else’s opinions on the tone row, genre classifications, K-Pop, throat singing, etc., you have come to the right place! If not, then move along. =D


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  1. I read with interest blog about Schönberg and atonality.

    You may not be aware that I have recently published a doctoral thesis on the history and events that surrounded Schönberg’s 1908 Second String Quartet and especially his leap to atonality in the 4th movement, which you may be interested in reading on my website, richardgerstl.com. My account, which finally demonstrates that the affair between Schönberg’s wife Mathilde and the artist Richard Gerstl had no impact on Schönberg’s composition of the work, has received widespread acceptance from a number of eminent writers and observers, not least from the Schoenberg family themselves. To see their comments, please visit the press page of my website.

    If you have interest in reading the thesis itself, please let me know and I will let you have the password that unlocks access.

    With warm wishes from the UK,


    Dr Raymond Coffer
    Institute of German and Romance Studies, University of London

    • Thank you for your comment! I would love to read your thesis, and I am really enjoying your website. What a fascinating story, thanks you for linking me to your page!

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